spotted! vegan of davis

Definitely want to be friends with the awesome Davis person who owns this truck!



SPCA thrift store find!

Check out this awesome bracelet Ben found at the Davis SPCA thrift store yesterday. It’s says “I’m tired of…animal cruelty” and is from an old company called “I’m Tired Of…” that made bracelets for various causes out of recycled tires (get it?!) and recycled metal. $5 of $10 for each bracket sold went to the cause represented by the bracelet. So excited to sport such a great product that also benefits our local SPCA.


Amazing Bakery in Sacramento: Pushkin’s

Amazing Bakery in Sacramento: Pushkin's

Ben surprised me with a cake from Pushkin’s for my 24th birthday this weekend. I think it was the best cake I’ve ever had. IE: you should run to Pushkin’s and try some of their amazing vegan, gluten free treats !! ❤ Lindsay

(photo via Pushkin's Bakery Facebook page. Click on photo to head over and 'like' their FB page)